Your property is your investment. Our job is to ensure it brings continuing success to you and ongoing satisfaction to your tenants. That’s what H.S.C. Management Corporation has been doing for over 45 years, all across the New York area.

We’re proud of our longevity in a business filled with occurrences and situations as unique as the personalities of the people who live in the buildings we manage. Yet we believe our success isn’t just based on being in the business a long time – it’s because we continuously work to build relationships with owners and residents that are based on honesty, straightforwardness, responsiveness, and a complete dedication to exceptional service.

Property Management Services

The quality of a building’s maintenance and service can be judged on two key factors: how smoothly the property runs without service interruption and how quickly service is delivered when it’s needed. H.S.C.’s property management services are built to deliver both.

Our technologies such as thermal imaging, energy management, smart monitoring, and advanced security systems keep your building operating smoothly and safely. Our ongoing evaluations of vendors and weekly inspections assure you have the right people maintaining your property in the right way. And our experienced staff is available 24/7, both in the office and remotely, to handle any emergency in a rapid and responsive timeframe.


Financial Management Services

Any property management software can give you financial data. The difference H.S.C. Management offers is financial clarity.

Our monthly reports provide a complete financial picture which clearly explains: how income and expenses in one section are connected to their corresponding parts in other sections; how recent expenditures may impact long-term planning; and where every dollar spent has been allocated and accounted for.

True to the “lay it on the line” approach of our founder, Howard S. Cohen, we encourage questions and provide straightforward answers. We assure every entry can be tracked and substantiated.  And as old-school as our philosophy may be, we offer some of the industry’s most advanced methodologies for automating collections, disbursing payments, and forecasting the return on various proposed projects and investment scenarios.

We also make it our responsibility to ensure your building is in compliance, keeping you protected against potential regulatory or legal actions. In addition, our deployment of VendorSmart℠ technology guarantees full compliance vetting for every vendor in the management system.

Project Management Services

Our in-depth knowledge of local resources, developed over 40 years of serving the New York area, means you can count on H.S.C. Management to provide the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, for any project. Our leadership team plays an active role in the review, coordination, and oversight of major capital improvements, and our proven advance-notice communications strategy keeps residents and owners informed while minimizing inconvenience. Whether the project involves a repair, an upgrade or a capital improvement, H.S.C. Management Corporation will always strive to optimize the comfort of your residents while enhancing your building environment for the long-term.

Communications Services

There are few things that matter more to people than where they live. They want to know what’s going on, that their needs will be met, and if anything might not go as expected. Plus, they want to know right away. These very human characteristics are familiar to anyone owning an apartment, co-op or condo, and they’re precisely why tenant communications is an absolute priority for H.S.C. Management Corp.

Our Concierge Plus™ technology enables us to send building-wide texts and email alerts at the moment they’re needed, while also giving residents instant access to information and services either online or through their mobile app.

Still, property management will always be a person-to-person business, so we pride ourselves on being personally responsive to owners and residents alike. We strive to answer immediately when a call comes in, and if we can’t provide an answer right away, the resolution will certainly be underway within 24 hours.