The Reincarnation of Geek Build, in Collaboration with RealSavvy (#1)

The Reincarnation of Geek Build, in Collaboration with RealSavvy (#1)

We’re launching a new Geek Estate Blog series. Geek Build II, an agent/broker website and marketing hackathon.

It will span 2018-2019 and be a collaboration with RealSavvy (who has been a strategic sponsor of the blog the last few months).

Those of you who have been reading many, many years may remember Geek Build 2012 (all related archives here). It was an attempt to build a real estate website from scratch using input from the GeekEstate community and industry experts. It didn’t go quite as we planned. As Dan Bacon mentioned, there were two main challenges that impeded our progress/success:

  1. Lack of participation from participants.
  2. Developer issues.

However, we’re taking another crack at it. This time we’re taking a different/new approach in partnership with a best in class IDX & website vendor — RealSavvy. This will remove issue #2 entirely, because they already have a website platform built with hundreds of clients using it, and have a dedicated development team to handle any issues that come up. To combat issue #1, we’re going to enforce a minimum marketing spend of $500 per month for participants.

We have one agent in Seattle, Greg Howes, who has already been chosen as the first website. Though he’s been a builder for 20+ years, Greg Howes has only had his real estate license for about 2 years. As one of the founding members of the Geek Estate Mastermind who happens to live in Seattle, he and I have gotten the chance to get to know each other fairly well over the past year — and I’m excited to work with him on his new web presence.

The Initial Website:

Geek Build II Participant Benefits:

  • 6 months of services in kind by RealSavvy ($349 per month)
  • A monthly marketing check-up.
  • Conversion/analytics/goals consulting.
  • The “ear”/”eyes” of RealSavvy’s executive team.
  • Marketing & strategy help.
  • Exposure with the Geek Estate community over the course of months, and backlinks.

Geek Build II Participant Requirements:

  • $500 in monthly ad spend to drive traffic (Facebook, Google or other traffic sources).
  • Content creation (or $$ to pay a freelance writer).
  • One blog post per month written & published on Geek Estate Blog detailing monthly results of traffic, leads, and conversions, as well as take-aways and goals for next month. You are free to re-post your monthly article on any other publication as well.

If you agree to participate, and stop putting money into SEM, you’ll be billed the regular monthly $349 payment from RealSavvy for the website, IDX, and CRM.

What’s next?

We’ll report back #2 in the series with branding changes to GeekConstruction, content/copy improvements & updates, and outline the first search engine marketing campaigns we’ll test for traffic acquisition. Online marketing campaigns will start in January.

Lastly, two addition items to note.

First, the RealSavvy team is open to adding a few participants (with a preference for agents/teams/brokers who focus on luxury), in the following cities:

  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles

Second, if you are a vendor who you believe can help participants (either with traffic/lead acquisition or other services), we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in either angle, please send an email to drew at geekestatelabs dot com with a link to your current website and a phone number.

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