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Property Management Software Add-Ons – GeekEstate Blog

[Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from the conclusions from the category product review series for the small landlord property management software sector. The full conclusions can be found here. Originally published in the Geek Estate Mastermind.]

the act of partnering to improve the landlord experience.

Succeeding in the property management software sector requires partnerships. It’s impossible to build and deliver every valuable service to landlords directly. If you’re to truly be a one-stop-shop for your customers, you must integrate offerings from across the landscape.

Below are a few of the potential add-on services defining the category:

AirDNA: Could be leveraged to help inform landlord’s what returns they can expect by switching from long- to short-term. Learn more.

Arrived: Helps renters build real estate wealth while renting, they are a potential collaborator should their model shift to partnering with landlords rather than owning 100% of their inventory. Learn more.

Digs: Helps tenants automatically save for buying a home and monitor their credit. Learn more.

Keepe: An end-to-end property maintenance solution on top of a vetted, on-demand contractor network for property managers. Learn more.

Knock: Allows renters to tour apartments by themselves, with no agents on-site and no scheduling. Learn more.

RentSpree: Facilitates online rental application and/or screening reports, with full API support ripe for working with other landlord tech providers. Learn more.

Rhove: Helps renters build savings to eventually buy, while helping landlords lessen costly tenant turnovers. Learn more.

Setter: A home manager that ensures a landlord’s asset is maintained and improved. Learn more.

ShowDigs: Outsources the showings to a third party, which uses a network of licensed agents. Learn more. Increases loyalty by matching 2% of a tenant’s monthly payment. Allows them to keep 80% of the earnings saved in their Stake account, and they’ll earn bonuses on future rent payments. Learn more.

Super: A subscription maintenance service that pays to repair or replace covered appliance and home system breakdowns, plus manages the logistics for home service needs. Learn more.

Steady: Helps landlords protect themselves from non-payment with Rent Guarantee insurance, in partnership with Nationwide. Existing partnership with Avail. Learn more.

TheGuarantors: Lowers the barriers to renting by helping reduce upfront costs for tenants with a Security Deposit Replacement. Learn more.

Till: Provides rental loans to pay rent on-time, providing tenants repayment flexibility while helping them avoid late fees and eviction. Learn more.

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