MetaProp’s 2017-2018 Accelerator Class at Columbia University

MetaProp’s 2017-2018 Accelerator Class at Columbia University

I thought I’d take a few minutes to highlight the companies taking part in MetaProp’s Pre Accelerator at Columbia University.

The full list of companies:

  • BlocPower (NYC) — Technology platform to make buildings and communities smarter, greener, and healthier.
  • Doorport (NYC) — Starting with next-gen building entry, Doorport is creating an end-to-end building management platform to provide the best residential living experience.
  • Hoozip (NYC) — Real estate wholesalers and investors.
  • Irene (NYC) — Home equity access for seniors, that’s honest and simple. A debt-free alternative to reverse mortgages. (Website under construction.)
  • OnSiteIQ (NYC) — Progress documentation and safety analysis platform for the construction industry.
  • Streamline (San Francisco) — Streamline provides location intelligence for the real estate industry by applying machine learning to large geospatial data sets.
  • Travtus (Singapore/London) — The new AI platform for Property Management & Operations.
  • WeSmartPark (Barcelona) — Mobile application that helps users find parking from Barcelona to Madrid to New York City. The AirBnB for parking, but automatic.

A few of my own thoughts:

I’m particularly intrigued by Blocpower. They hooked me with their “Build a Greener World” message (I’m a sucker for doing good in the world, I know).

Think about the primary vision statement for Doorport:

The apartment intercom, reinvented in every way.

You’ll realize there is massive potential to power the tenant-guest and tenant-landlord communication across millions and millions of apartments. The strategic worry I’d have would be that Amazon’s Alexa would end up doing the exact same thing (at a much lower cost).

Irene seems similar to (which I’ve written about here), but focused on reverse mortgages.

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