Help Wanted: Written Analysis and Curation from an Operator Perspective

Help Wanted: Written Analysis and Curation from an Operator Perspective

To continue Geek Estate’s long standing “for operators, by operators” perspective, I’m seeking operators with broad & diverse experiences to provide written analysis and curation for the Geek Estate Mastermind in 2019.

Contributing could be as lightweight as sourcing a couple links and commentary for the Weekly Radars, one long form article a month, or even one per quarter. Heck, it could even be one article per year.

If you’d like to see samples of the writing & curation seen in 2018, they are linked from the GE Mastermind Preview category page.

A few operator profiles I’m interested in bringing into the fold:

  • Blue-Collar Real Estate Sales: nationwide median list price of 276k presents a different reality compared to real estate markets in tech/media hubs such as Seattle, San Francisco, and New York where cool million plus figures are the norm. Just maybe the downward pressure on commissions is a Silicon Valley problem rather than the real problem? I’m certain someone on the front lines in a blue-collar city such as Detroit or Little Rock would help members free themselves from the tech bubble many of us operate in.
  • DIY Landlord: Landlord tech is an industry segment I’m massively bullish on, and one both Greg and I have been writing about extensively as part of the small landlord property management software category review series. Someone in the weeds managing properties, handling tenant requests, and screening applicants would help continue our emphasis on analyzing and dissecting this landscape.
  • Team Builder: Tech founders need to build sales teams to push software while brokerages are required to recruit agents to grow. Someone who has built teams in one or both capacities as an operator would lend a valuable perspective to the mix.
  • CTO / Engineer: It would be great to hear regularly from a technologist who has managed tech build-outs, recruited engineers, and scaled software stacks.

Requirements: Experience in an operational capacity. Writing experience is a plus, but not required. I can source copywriting help as long as the thesis, supporting data, and examples are delivered.

Compensation: Either per article, hourly, or a revenue share (for someone who helps with both content and business development).

Interested or know someone who may be? Get in touch.

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