Don’t Miss the “ONE” Proptech Conference for Founders/Execs

Don’t Miss the “ONE” Proptech Conference for Founders/Execs

Taking place at the MGM on September, Blueprint is rapidly approaching. With their inaugural event a year ago, the Blueprint team attracted an amazing turn-out in the middle of delta uncertainty. Frankly, I was beyond impressed with what Vik Venkatraman and David Hirschman pulled off. A few reflections previously shared with GEM members a week after the event…

Huge props go to the feat the Blueprint team pulled off this past week in Las Vegas: an amazing turn-out of proptech executives (not an easy crowd to wrangle in) in the middle of delta uncertainty by a new conference organizer. I owe a huge thanks to Matt Knight for the nudge to attend: seeing dozens of GEMsters in-person, most of whom I had never met or not seen in two years, was well worth the trip. The caliber of attendees was top-notch, most major VC firms, unicorns, and public companies represented–and, I suspect those that missed this one will attend next year. There is a very real possibility that Blueprint becomes the “one” conference every proptech exec attends for years to come.

While I’m not a fan of Las Vegas in general, it’s clear there is an unfilled demand for a large executive gathering across sectors that the Inman’s and CREtech’s of the world don’t serve. So, yes, I’ll say Blueprint was a ludicrous experience overall. You can bet I’ll be back next year, as will the PTAG-GEM happy hour.

As we approach September’s event, I have no doubt this year is going to be even better. The speaker list is incredible, and seemingly every major proptech company is attending. It’s really the only event where every single attendee I met was a “should be” GEM member (founder, exec, owner, or VC). The GEM is built on curating strategic connections at the highest levels and, selfishly, if everyone in the community shows up in Las Vegas next month, it makes our job facilitating face-to-face networking more efficient. It should come as no surprise, we’re doing our part to ensure members have a chance to rub shoulders with some of the industry’s top brass…

  • The PTAG-GEM Happy Hour is back for year 2!
  • Two private dinners are being curated.
  • Individually curated introductions.

Interested in attending? For $200 off the sticker price, use the link below.

Grab Your Spot Today

PS: Are you a pre-seed or seed stage founder building something incredible, but don’t have budget to attend? Shoot me your pitch deck at drew @ geekestatelabs dot com and I may be able to help get you in.

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