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Getting It Right with Tailored Communications Plans

H.S.C. works with property owners, co-operatives and condominiums to determine managerial and financial requirements. Its Team Leaders are in touch with property owners, boards and employees — on site, on the phone or via the Internet, with the frequency crucial to informed decision-making. H.S.C.’s ongoing communication with its valued Clients demonstrates its commitment to the success of each and every property managed.

Dedicated communications plans and methodologies to keep property owners informed are key to continuing success. A unique, advance-notice plan is incorporated into every project, keeping residents and owners informed and minimizing inconvenience.

H.S.C.’s partnership with Clients is strengthened by meetings and reviews with financial officers to update forecasts, and to plan for future events and financial commitments. Timely reports and analyses enable owners to meet obligations with foresight.

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