Building Management.
Made Easy
Made Stronger

Dedicated property managers are backed by, and benefit from, a strong and seasoned support staff — office assistant, clerical, purchasing, paralegal and accounting. H.S.C. Management is proud of its records management and back-office processes and procedures. Utilizing clearly documented, self-audit programs and continually tested controls, operational and financial risk is minimized. H.S.C. employs extensive records management and document back-up/restoration protocols, ensuring prudent audit trails and segregated lines of control for vendor purchasing, bidding and funds oversight. H.S.C.’s principal and most valuable asset is its Clients’ trust.

Success begins with treating every project with the utmost care and bringing the combined forces of our dedicated team to manage your building. H.S.C. Management’s team leaders play an active role in the review, coordination, and oversight of major capital improvements.

A Management Report that Makes Clear our Dedicated Level of Professional Service

Working with its trusted advisors and team leaders, incorporating feedback, and input from its valued clients, H.S.C. has designed a versatile management reporting system to deliver an unparalleled monthly package. Property owners and boards look forward to H.S.C.’s monthly presentation and review of operations. Summaries with customized detail, financial, legal and correspondence sections enhance the ability to predict and control costs and face challenges.

Getting It Right with Tailored Communications Plans

H.S.C. works with owners

H.S.C. works with property owners, cooperatives and condominiums to determine managerial and financial requirements. Its Team Leaders are in touch with property owners, boards and employees — on site, on the phone or via the Internet, with the frequency crucial to informed decision-making.

Dedicated Service

Dedicated communications plans and methodologies to keep property owners informed are key to continuing success. A unique, advance-notice plan is incorporated into every project, keeping residents and owners informed and minimizing inconvenience.


H.S.C.’s partnership with clients is strengthened by meetings and reviews with financial officers to update forecasts, and to plan for future events and financial commitments. Timely reports and analyses enable owners to meet obligations with foresight.

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