A Creative SEO Strategy: Support Crowd Funding Campaigns

A Creative SEO Strategy: Support Crowd Funding Campaigns

Here’s a link building idea for those thinking about your business on a long enough time span to invest in SEO…

Support crowdfunding campaigns on platforms such as Kickstarter, Patreon, and IndieGoGo — especially if you can get in early enough with one to become a showcase supporter/sponsor. You’ll often be able to milk the makers for a link or two or three, at a much, much cheaper price point than other link building initiatives/endeavors.

What’s the most effective link building strategy you’ve implemented?How much time and/or money did it require?

PS #1: Yes, it so happens Horizon has a crowd funding campaign in need of supporters

PS #2: Yes, I’ll show my gratitude for financial support with a link from this domain if you contribute to our Patreon campaign(As a data point for you, I routinely receive pitches in my inbox to buy one link on the Geek Estate domain for between $50 and $150. I delete all them, but it’s clear there is still financial value to obtaining them.)

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