A Couple More RealSavvy Website Examples

A Couple More RealSavvy Website Examples

[Editor’s Note: RealSavvy is a strategic sponsor for Geek Estate Blog, and this is a sponsored post. The company was first covered on Geek Estate Blog back in 2016. Their CEO Rick Orr is a Geek Estate Mastermind member. You’ll be hearing more about this company and products going forward as we move forward with Geek Build II.]

RealSavvy has built a platform to consist of five mission-critical technology elements:

  • Collaborative IDX with “Pinterest-like” search capabilities to keep agents and homebuyers connected and collaborating in real time
  • Websites with modern UX/UI for cost-effective lead capture
  • Branded mobile apps (native iOS and Android) to make agents and brokers searchable in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Predictive CRM with client search analytics and automated lead routing
  • Unrivaled and well-documented APIs to empower brokers and agents to bolt on valuable third-party software to build any type of business they desire (e.g. Salesforce and FollowUp integrations, direct mailer integrations, etc.)

Enough specs/details about their platform (if you want to read more, you are encouraged to read this post), let’s get to another couple examples of their work…

Example RealSavvy Client Websites

AtlantaHome Studio

1 Oak Real Estate (Miami)

If that’s not enough, there are 3 other examples here, and another one here.

Their vision is to be the operating system for real estate by bringing enterprise-grade digital marketing (think Hubspot) and productivity tools (think Slack for home search) to agents, brokerages, and teams who have been underserved by technology for too long.

Interested in learning more? Shoot them a note..

Learn more about Real Savvy

Learn more about Real Savvy


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