5 Clients Showing Ways to Win in our COVID-19 era

5 Clients Showing Ways to Win in our COVID-19 era

Virtual Tour Equipment used to Make Virtual Tours

Over the summer, I did over 3,000 business contacts by phone, text message, email, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and much easier, out-of-the-box on REveo of course in just seconds, with over 600 Real Estate brokerage executives and decision makers.

Yes, it takes a bit of work to build a new brand!

Back in 2012, three years after I discovered the idea for a new way to do virtual showings that would solve for all the pitfalls of the legacy virtual showing solutions, I interacted with hundreds of home buyers in the Silicon Valley at University Café at the time (now local union 217, I recommend it! 🙂 ), on University Avenue in Palo Alto a few steps away from Stanford University.

I would purposefully speak to home buyers who spent their entire day driving around listings with their buyer agents most of the time. Many were out-of-state executives looking for their new place for starting a new tech executive role there, many were also locals actually.

What struck me at that time is that a large portion of them vetted the properties they were going to tour for the day on an interesting form of static marketing- 360 tours. Imagine the Google Map pedestrian experience but inside a home. The 360 experience had been around already for a few years and looking to cater to several industries, including insurance among many others.

The net of their property pre-qualification, static 360 experience — no real-time communication with agent in the canned tours that make me totally dizzy personally, and I am not the only one — was once they drove miles and miles to get there, the properties didn’t look anything like the canned tours had made them envisioned. Huge disappointment. Huge waste of time, for both the agents and the clients, and huge waste of natural resources and unnecessary pollution for no reasons.

Yet, in 2020, I did speak to a few brokerage decision makers who in spite of the steep cost and complexity of creating such tours — see YouTube video above “Virtual Tour Equipment used to Make Virtual Tours” — still want to dedicate resources to a far-from-optimal way to make their agents interact with clients to sell homes.

This will definitely change. It’s just a matter of time. A matter of education.

When you lead a Real Estate brokerage you should look for ways that are “out-of-the-box” for your Real Estate agents to deliver great client success in just seconds without any cumbersome operations to set up, nor lengthy training that drains your operational profit while delivering dismal marketing results for a high cost.

Ways that are much more dynamic at taking your agent-client interactions to a whole new level of closing rates and closing speed…

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